About Sri Trayee Vidya Gurukulam

Shastra emphasis that, all karmas performed by a Brahmin doesn't give complete results if they are performed without the adhyayana of vedas.

To understand the right spirit of these karmas Shaastra Gnana is highly important. But today people learning Veda are not learning Shaastras similarly people learning Shaastras donot give prominence to learn Vedas. Hence such person cannot bear 100% results from his Karmas.

But in ancient times this was not the practice. Both Veda and Shaastra was learned and mastered. To rejuvenate this system is the main aim of Sri Trayee Vidya Gurukulam. This was also the dream and advice provided by our Guru Sri. Parasuramachar. (Adhyapak of Sirugamai Paatashala).

Frist Sri Sathish Sharma took the decision for starting a Gurukulam with Sri Hari Vayu Guru Anugraha, Our Acharya Sri P.Parasuramacharya's blessings and Our friend auditor Mr A.P.Vijayendran's advice, we Sirugumani vidhyartis and our friends have joined hands to start RigVeda, YajurVeda paatashala in Mela Agraharam Bikshandar koil, Trichy on 22 - 4 -2009 inaugurated by our Guru poojya Sri acharya. Then we the Sirugumani vidhyartis started a registered trust under the name of Sri Trayee Vidya Gurukulam on 11.03.2010 and we have shifted the gurukulam from Bikshandar koil to Sri Rangam.

On 10.06.2012 we started a new branch at Chennai by Sri Sri Vidyeshateeratharu, pontiff of Sri Bhandarikare mutt.

At present totally 53 students are studying in our gurukulam at both branches. We are training the vidhyartis to complete upto Gana, Nyaya, Mimamsa and Dvaita Vedanta along with we are imparting English education also. After completing the adhyayana in this gurukulam we are also planning to provide financial support to our vidhyartis. This will help to widen their knowledge and also preach and teach both shaastra and veda and also lead a peaceful life in a dignified manner.

In this ever-growing competitive world where the prices of commodities are shooting up we are running our gurukula with lot of difficulties collecting donations from good hearted people. We request you to kindly participate in this noble cause and help us to render seva to veda vidhya and get the blessings of Lord Sri. Vedavyasa
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